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The Rescue Ink network of volunteers is the true embodiment of loyalty. Why? Because they are fans of our mission, just like our Founding Members. A fan has a vested interest. They defend passionately. A true fan loves a team, a brand, a band or a mission‚ whether they win, succeed or lose. They don't just join a movement. They help grow it.


The Rescue Ink volunteers have a sense of ownership and shared identity, because our success is their success, and it's all for the same cause - the safety, protection and advocacy of animals and their rights. And it's a two-way street. The question isn't "what can we get from this person?" It's "what can we do to make this person a permanent part of our team?"


Rescue Ink volunteers have the opportunity to gain exposure to the workings of our team, and contribute their valuable time to our nonprofit organization. There are always various volunteer opportunities, and candidates should possess a love and appreciation of animals, a flexible attitude for dealing effectively with the public, and an understanding that reliability is critical. Certain positions require a limited amount of orientation and training.


Required Skills.

Proactive and comfortable dealing with the public at open events, friendly and outgoing, physical stamina (most of your shift will be spent standing and walking).


Become a Rescue Ink Volunteer (United States).

For more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact volunteer@rescueink.org or fill out our Rescue Ink Volunteer Form below and a Rescue Ink Representative will contact you.


International Rescue Ink Volunteers.

To all our friends abroad, if you are interested in becoming a Rescue Ink Volunteer, please send us an email to our volunteer@rescueink.org email address. Please include your name, address, email address and phone number in your email to us. Do not fill out the form below.



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Photos of Rescue Ink's Volunteers

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