• Joe Panz. When there was no one else to turn to, I knew I could trust my dog.
Joe Panz-Founding Member

Joe Panz doesn't have time for nonsense. If you find yourself nose-to-nose with him, get to the point. Quickly. He has zero tolerance for disloyalty, and not one second to waste. Unless of course you're family, or a trusted friend. A loyal friend. As a Rescue Ink Founding Member, he has been standing with some of his rescue brothers since childhood. An imposing native of the notorious Howard Beach, N.Y. neighborhood, he has seen trouble, lived trouble, created and averted trouble. His hard-learned street conditioning is part of what makes him the force he is today. There is no better way to unravel an opponent than to understand exactly how that menace thinks and operates. Joe's been there. Done that...


He was the tough guy you knew growing up. The one you went to for help when you had a "real" problem. When you had no one else to turn to, Joe had your back. But he reached a turning point in his own life when he was set-up by the very people he once trusted, and suffered a bullet wound to his chest, and four to his back. Realizing his 120 lb. Rottweiler, BlackJack, was the only living soul he could turn to in that moment, he made a decision to turn things around. This would redirect the course of his life from that day on.


Joe is a pillar in the animal rescue community. His street-smart philosophy and approach is part of the very foundation of Rescue Ink. He has set the bar high for animal advocacy and bully reform. With unwavering intensity and a volatile level of passion, there is no stopping Joe Panz. Ever.


Photos of Joe Panz

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