• Alley Cat. Defending the most defenseless animals among us.
Alley Cat-Recruit

When an all-out search for Al "Alley Cat" Chernoff ensued in the New York tri-state area, the description that went out across the wires by Rescue Ink read something like this: Wanted: The CAT Guy. Last seen riding a Harley-Davidson, covered in tattoos, balancing cat toys and litter boxes on rear fender of bike. Spotted by eyewitnesses eating a plate of BBQ tofu in the Philadelphia area. Do not attempt to trap. Subject may respond favorably to catnip.


Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, PA, Al seems to have lived more than nine lives already, each one interesting and unique. He devoted 12 years of his life to serving in the Army Guard as an Infantry Scout Unit Sergeant. Perhaps it was during that period when he mastered the art of survival, much like the countless ferals, strays and homeless animals that he has devoted his life to saving. Al has been volunteering for animal groups since 1992, notably Marine Mammal Rescue in New Jersey, PAWS of Philly, and a wildlife rehab center devoted to injured wildlife (birds, raptors, turtles, mammals). He is also, quite impressively, Building Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Philadelphia.


Having lost both of his parents at a young age, Al's 8 cats and foster kitty are his family and the focus of his time when he is not out on animal rescue/welfare cases. An experienced rock and ice climber, he has lived his life "on the edge" more than most people, without letting fear inhibit his decision-making. Rescue Ink is proud to have Alley Cat as a loyal recruit and animal advocate, and will continue to foster this tough stray who has become a significant member of the colony.


Photos of Alley Cat

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