Our Mission. Advocacy. Protection.

Some people like to think of us as superheroes. The truth is, we are super animal lovers (and protectors). Through the years, and through many caseloads, obstacles and downright challenges, we remain strong and dedicated to our mission.


Rescue Ink is a non-profit animal welfare organization with 501c3 status.


We back up animal rescue groups such as local SPCAs, The Humane Society and many smaller rescue groups all over the world. When there is a situation that gets out of control you can rely on us. We are comprised of street guys, military personnel, police officers, private investigators and lawyers. Not to mention an amazing network and core group of volunteers that is second to none. Rescue Ink does whatever necessary within the means of the law — that's what our lawyers tell us to say — to fight abuse and neglect of all kinds.


We invite you to explore our home on the web for more in-depth information. It's people like you, with an interest in our mission, who make the difference.


Photos of Rescue Ink

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