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Rescue Ink unveils new Facebook application developed by Thoransoft.


Thoransoft presented their new application named RISA (Rescue Ink Software Application) on October 27, 2012 in the province of Quebec. This application was developed exclusively for Rescue Ink.


According to Raffi Kalemdjian, Business Solution Director for Thoransoft, the Facebook application will centralize all the information provided by Rescue Ink followers who are willing to report animal abusers. This information will then provide statistics identifying the areas that need the most attention. The main goal is to regroup data dealing with animal abusers and benefit promoting animal adoption. There will also be a pet adoption section.


The event took place at Thoransoft headquarters, with seven different rescue groups and their sponsors in attendance. Six members of Rescue Ink were present during the event including founding members Joe Panz, Johnny O, and Big Ant.


RISA is to help all people in all different locations. It is unfortunate that there is animal cruelty around the world, and an application like RISA is needed. People need to be grateful to the people of Thoransoft for creating it and for giving animal advocates a new tool to function on their quest to end animal cruelty.


The application will be very useful in the province of Quebec which still holds the title of the puppy mill capital of North America. According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund Quebec is the #1 capital of animal abuse. People of this province can certainly hope that this application will lead for society to evolve and for leaders to take notice of what happens in the province and help do something about it.


Photos from unveiling of Thoransoft Facebook Application

Rescue Ink with Thoransoft Thoransoft Facebook App thoransoft pic3




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